March 27, 2009

Bobby Long on Vamp Radio Tonight at 8 pm EST & More Sam Bradley Grandview Legion Clips

RPattz's musician buddies are everywhere these days. Seriously.

Bobby Long is going to be on Vamp Radio tonight, March 27th at 8:00 pm EST. The call-in number is (718) 508-9440, but click herefor more details. Thanks, Twilight Sisterhood!

Also, Pattinson Online just sent me some cool videos of Sam Bradley's Grandview Legion show in Vancouver -- you know, the one where people thought RPattz didn't show, but he secretly did? :-) Well, here are some more videos of Sam's show if you missed them:

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  1. Rob definitely needs to make that album. His voice is like butter and brown sugar. And this is coming from a total music snob-I'd rather hear good music than drool over pics of some actor I'll never meet! His voice is the perfect mix of Ray LaMontagne, Buckley and Waits!


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