March 12, 2009

Bingeing on Cake: Kristen Stewart on her role in 'The Cake Eaters'

Recently, there has been tons of coverage on 'The Cake Eaters', which will soon be released on DVD. has a great new interview with KStew about the work that she did on 'The Cake Eaters', and offers insight as to how she tackled this challenging character-driven movie:
"Just like every other character-driven piece I've done, it's weird how you change and grow with every movie you do, almost with every day of shooting. It's always surprising and always sort of amazing because it's like “Wow! It's just gonna continue and continue and continue.” I don't know. In a very unspecific way, it was just something I felt very compelled to do and, at the end of it, considering it was so short, I grieved the character for a long time. I held on to her but it's not like I learned. Obviously, I grew as a person. I had some pretty heavy themes and issues running through my head most of the time when we were making the movie. It's a hard subject matter but, as you would imagine, you would grow from something like that." -- Kristen Stewart
Kristen also talks a bit about her Nylon interview and New Moon again. Read the whole Collider shebang here.

MTV also has a glowing review of Kristen's 'Cake Eaters' performance that you can read here.

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