March 14, 2009

Probably Obsessed With Herself Right Now (haha): Kristen Stewart on Jimmy Kimmel

There were a lot of funny moments in this interview, where Kristen talks about Cake Eaters, "kind of funny" Adventureland, and is asked about stalking herself. Also, Kristen reveals that she just bought a new home, but still lives with her parents for now. :-)

Thanks to Fascinating Kristen via HGE.


  1. Stuttering stammering nervous incoherent thoughts uttered verbally- lay off the pot and maybe you won’t be so self conscious KStew. And for God's sake do s o m e t h i n g with your lifeless mop!

  2. I thought Kristen did a great job in this interview. And she looked lovely as usual. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be 18 and have your life suddenly under a microscope. It's all a learning process and I think she will be just fine.

  3. You want grace under pressure at 15? Check out a Dakota Fanning interview. KStew is just a trainwreck!

  4. Krister suckz and she is also a freak


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