March 22, 2009

Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz & Rachelle Lefevre at Kitson Today and Socialitelife have pics of Ashley, Kellan & Rachelle's visit to Kitson in LA today in celebration of the Twilight DVD release.I *love* this Kitson 'I Heart Edward' Tee, but I don't think I can get away with wearing it. ;-)


  1. Ahh! Ashley cut her hair? Still gawjus, of course.
    She looks like Marissa Tomei in these shots.

    I can't decide if I like dark hair/eyes Kellan better, or his au natural look.

    Rach: nice gams

  2. Your site should be #1! You always have the latest Twi-news!

    I like Ashley's hair....looks good.

    I'm biased towards Emmett(he's my fictional BF)so I love dark hair Kellan best!


  3. I luv your site! Why can't u wear the shirt? I luv it, but am much too old. I really am thinking about getting it anyway. lol

  4. My husband already thinks I'm a weirdo for having an Edward Doll AND a Twilight blog. Wearing a shirt that says "I love Edward" at night may push him over the edge. heheh.

  5. So funny! Tonight my DH took me to dinner and all I talked about was Rob. We actually watched the DVD last night and he liked it. He is beginning to think I'm obsessed!(cat's out of the bag) I don't have the doll, yet! lol Your site should be #1.

  6. Ooh, I love Ashley's hair - I thought it looked like she was wearing extensions at the release party... maybe!

  7. I like Ashley's hair better this way.
    And you guys start to make me wanna buy that doll...;)

    TwiCrack have you ever thought about opening up a forum or something?
    Just wondering, as your site is very well-visited.

  8. Hi Mandybabeee! Thanks for visiting. I wish I knew *how* to open up a forum, but I'm technically backwards. i only recently learned how to even center my youtube videos. hehe. Also, i'm a solo-blogger. wouldn't have the time to maintain, i don't think. if you have any easy ideas for how to do this, let me know! :-)

  9. Can u PLEAAASE tell me where i can get this awesome shirt?!?


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