March 31, 2009

Ashley Greene Hanging out H. Wood Lounge in West Hollywood Last Night

See more pics at Gossip Girls.

Here is a Pap video of the night, if you can stand watching. Ashley has really sweet friends!

Video thanks to Stacy!


  1. She is def cute, but also totally wasted in these photos. Just saw the video of it on TMZ, if you can believe eveything on TMZ,,,

  2. Ashley looks lovely as always, but those paparazzi creep me out.
    It is disgusting. I couldn't watch entire video, I really feel sorry for the cast. They can't even go out of their house without all this sh*t. It is even scary, all those flashes...I would be disoriented and frightened even. It all looks very aggressive.

  3. omg.. NO ONE is that cute drunk. NO ONE... she is amazing. again.. we WILL be bffs and i WILL now get drunk with her. decided.

    she WAVES at the end! SO CUTE

  4. Hahah Letters, I think you guys should be BFFs, love your blog!

    I know but this video is weird I mean that seemed like a really long walk to the car cant they just snap some pictures outside of the club and give it a rest...damn

  5. Holy Dracula! she's, drunk... and she still wonderful! I mean... I love her! >< She's soooooooooo Cute... as always! >< damn!... I'm in love with her!

    Long life to Ashley Greene!

    Mewww ><
    xoxo Lola Cullen

  6. i luv ashley jus as much as i love kristen.


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