March 31, 2009

4tnz Hottie Tourney (Finally, a Bracket I Can Understand) + Morning Math

Hottie or a Nottie?March Madness? Whatev. In the Twilight Division, Jackson Rathbone is losing out big time to Robert Pattinson in 4tnz's Hottie Tourney. Play at 4tnz.

A Game of Probability & Chance

Also, here are this morning's Dazzle Award results. As you can see, I'm majorly (but quite contentedly) losing to many of my personal Twilight fansite favorites in both of the categories for which I've been nominated; I can't believe that this many have actually even voted for me so far. Haha. Thanks for taking the time to do that, people! :-)

I can't even believe I'm a contender in the Blog category; I only voted for myself to help ensure I don't come in last. hehe. The constantly-updated New Moon Movie is whupping arse.
I love Lauren's Bite too! :-) And bloggy friends Ana Cristina & Amber.

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  1. I know what you mean on the Dazzles. CBA will be happy/lucky to come in 3rd behind HGE & Everglow. At least we are hoping for third.


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