February 27, 2009

Watch Villainous Jennie Garth Try to Seduce Peter Facinelli: Lifetime Playing "An Unfinished Affair" Saturday 2/28 @ 2 pm

For those of you looking for a vintage Peter Facinelli fix this weekend, Lifetime will be showing 1996's An Unfinished Affair at 2 pm EST:

As his wife lies dying with cancer, Alex engages in a scandalous affair with his sexy, young art student Sheila (Jennie Garth). But he decides to calls it quits when the little missus unexpectedly recovers — well, he tries to call it quits. But Sheila wants him or revenge — whatever she can get first. She'll lie, cheat, steal — and seduce Alex's son (Peter Facinelli) too. Jennie Garth as the villain is so much fun to watch!

Thanks to Carrie for the tip!

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