February 9, 2009

"Untitled Sports Movie" (a.k.a. New Moon) with March 23 Scheduled Start Date!

A mysterious 'Untitled Sports Movie' will start filming on March 23rd. Some subtle clues give it away as New Moon:
Volterra FM Productions Canada Inc
Director: Chris Weitz
Exec. Prod: Mark Morgan, Karen Rosenfelt, Marty Bowen
Prod: Wyck Godfrey, Greg Mooradian
Line Producer: Bill Bannerman, Kerry Koshansky
DOP: Javier Aguirresarobe
PD: David Brisbin
PM: Barbara Kelly
PC: Kathleen Whelan
LM: Abraham Fraser
ALM: Michael LeGresley
Casting: Stuart Aikins
Extras: Andrea Brown
Sched: Mar 23/09 - May 21/09
Source: bcfilmcommission.com


  1. Oh happy day! :-D I can't wait for "untitled sports movie" to hit the theaters!

  2. They've not done a great job of disguising what movie this refers to. I guess the "sports movie" is supposed to throw us off.

  3. hahah! btw, my husband is *awesome*! i just sheepishly asked him if we could go set-stalking when we're in vancouver (we happened to already have plans to be there for a week) and he said YES! now i just have to look for clues as to where to find the set...

  4. I live in Vancouver, and trust me - I'm set stalking my little heart out for 2 months!! Any tips would greatly be appreciated, and I'll forward updates/pics/videos when I get them :)

  5. Hey, I just got off set of another movie and saw the schedule for "Untitled Sports Movie". I'm not really a twilight fan but my friends are and I find it entertaining to help you guys out. Here's some details I haven't seen posted:
    -They're scheduled to film on May 29th, 2009 in the Fraser Valley.
    -To find the set, look for arrows with USP on them, and see if you can drive onto set and ask where extras should park. Say you're with "Boss" if they ask :P It's a well-known agency.
    If you just want to sneak on set, you need a black "x" on your wrist and an security tag that says USM CREW (that'll be nearly impossible to get).

    Good luck!


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