February 27, 2009

Twilight Japan Premiere Red Carpet Post

Bloggy friend Lauren thinks Kristen looks *special* here. haha.Suck my what? Not sure what this sign says...

Here are some pics of the Tokyo Twilight premiere, where hundreds of fans waited for hours in the snow and sleet to catch a glimpse of stars Robert, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner walking the red carpet in Ebisu Garden Place.

Check out a whole bunch more at Entertainmentwise, and see more Twilight coverage here:

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  1. Love Kristen's dress...but she looks "special" in the first picture.

  2. Lauren, you are hilarious!!!!! i almost took that pic down b/c I did a Kristen double-take when i saw it...hahah

  3. I think it says 'Suck My Blood.' hmmmm??? lol

  4. I am so upset. A year ago, I was in Tokyo. Why, oh, why couldn't I have been there now?!
    (Oh, and lol @ Lauren's comment re: Kristen looking "special.")

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