February 3, 2009

A Tip for Dakota Fanning: Beware of Twi-Hards!

This bullet from dose.ca's Scandal Sheet made me laugh:

"Someone close to Dakota Fanning had better warn her about the Twi-hards before she admits her ignorance of Twilight again. Seriously. I once misspelled Robert Pattinson's name and now I fear for my family's safety..."

Maybe Stephen King should've been fore-warned too! :)

Check out more photos of Dakota from her visit to The Late Show with David Letterman last night here.

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  1. I'm holding out for the entire King interview before I make a judgement on my favorite author after seeing how quotes have been spliced regarding pretty much all things Twilight...who cares if Dakota hasn't read it yet? I mean, she did just have two movies released on the same day, girl has been just a leeetle bit busy, yes?


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