February 24, 2009

Stephenie Gorgeous in Vogue & Her Latest Thoughts on Midnight Sun

Ooh, look what's featured on Twilight Lexicon! Stephenie is featured in Vogue.com this month and here is what she had to say about Midnight Sun:
"A more interesting and controversial story is the fifth book in the Twilight saga, a version of the first book told from Edward's perspective. It was leaked last year by a source still unidentified onto the Internet, all but about six pages. It was a huge blow. "Now I'm over it," she says, "but I feel really distanced from the project. It was oddly devastating." Although she is currently taking a break, she may continue the Twilight story, but she seems wary of books in series. "I'm experiencing, I think, a little bit of stage fright at this point."
Read the long Vogue.com interview with Stephenie here.

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