February 23, 2009

Solomon Trimble Has Immersed Himself in Twilight in Preparation for Uncertain New Moon Future

A couple of weeks ago The Twilight Files had an opportunity to interview Solomon Trimble, and they asked him how he feels about possibly becoming a bigger player in the Twilight sequels:
"I’m ready. I’ve been working out for 2 hours a day every day for so long now, and eating an ungodly amount of chicken and drinking horrible weight gainer. I’ve been learning and writing powwow songs in Quileute and re-reading the books and working with an acting coach, just submersing myself in this. I’m probably too focused, I don’t know the last time I watched T.V. or did anything non-Twilight related. I use poetry as an outlet, but even it has a Twilight flavor as of late."
Read the rest of this interview here.

Gosh, I hope that things work out for Solomon! If you want to support Solomon, Team Solomon has a petition going to keep the original cast.

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  1. makes me sad that he worked so hard and didn't get it.


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