February 22, 2009

Rumors, Rumors, and More Rumors: Robert Pattinson's Oscar Presenting Partner will be Amanda Seyfried

Rumor has it that Amanda Seyfried of Mamma Mia will be Robert Pattinson's presenting partner at the Academy Awards. While this could be B.S., this comes from somebody who seems to be in the know and claims to be sitting in the Kodak Theater witnessing Rob talking to Zac Efron, and is posting *huge* Oscar spoilers (e.g. Hugh Jackman's opening jokes). You can check out her posts here, but seriously, don't look if you want to be surprised! The more she writes, the more I think she's legit...

We shall see tomorrow night if this source is right, or if she is on TwiCrack.

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  1. I think that Amanda Seyfried is one of the coolest stars in America. She shouldn't date Robert Pattinson.


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