February 2, 2009

Robert Pattinson's Musician Buddies Enjoying an Unexpected Influx of New Fans

In an effort to get closer to anything R-patz, TwiHards have shifted their gaze towards Sam Bradley, Bobby Long and Marcus Foster, who are finding that their involvement in the Twilight soundtrack could jump start their careers.

Sam, Bobby & Marcus are friends and musical collaborators with Robert Pattinson, who performed their songs “Never Think” (co-written by Pattinson and Bradley) and “Let Me Sign” (written by Foster and Long) on the soundtrack.Blast Magazine interviewed Bobby Long & Sam Bradley this week about their involvement in the Twilight soundtrack, their music, and their upcoming endeavors. Here is a fun excerpt:
“It’s put me on the map that’s for sure,” Long said. “I used to play five gigs a week for like two people because I always thought it was important to get an education in music and play for like nobody and learn how to play. Now all of a sudden” he has gone from around 50 plays a day on Myspace to around 700 and has girls screaming at his gigs in London. One girl even ran up to kiss him before being asked to leave.

Unphased by his new audience, Long described the change: “Well, it’s nice. It’s really nice playing to people but it can be a bit uncomfortable … it’s not at the stage like Rob has it, though.”

At this point, it’s a good thing they’ve all witnessed Pattinson’s rocket to fame and how wild fans can be. “They’re insane,” Long laughed, describing Twilight fans, “but they’re funny and I think they’re aware they’re like that, so they have a sense of humor. But they’re all nice people”.

Joking about the vivacity of the Twilight fans, and claiming he would never have too many fans, Sam stated, “if I was to be chased down by fans, that would be a good thing. It would be fun - I reckon I can run faster than them”. The three musicians even have a Livejournal community dedicated to them — “land of dreamers”.
Read the rest here. Listen to Sam, Bobby & Marcus' music on their MySpace Profiles:

Sam Bradley
Bobby Long
Marcus Foster

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