February 14, 2009

Robert Pattinson Hanging out at Bobby Long's Show Tonight

julia-orosa over at IMDB (not necessarily the fan in the pic above) had a Robert-sighting at Bobby Long's show at the Albany in London on February 13th:

"I've just arrived home of a Bobby Long's gig here in London(amazing, as the last one was, I'm literally in love with the guy). So, after the gig was over, I noticed some flashes behind me (the place wasn't really big) and my friend said: "can you see what's happening?" and as I was in a higher place I checked out and saw Rob behind the counter and lots of girls taking pics. He's gorgeous, obviously and was wearing the binie! And TomStu was with him! And if I'm not mistaken he was with the black leather jacket."

Read more of julia-orosa's encounter here.

Photo of Robert and some fan at the Bobby Long show thanks to robpattinson.blogspot.com.

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