February 14, 2009

Robert Pattinson Grouchy at Groucho's Last Night

"Enjoying a pre-Valentine’s Day outing, Robert Pattinson was spotted leaving the Groucho Club in London after a late night out on the town.

According to on-the-scene sources, the “Twilight” stud made his way to a cab around 3AM, and while some people didn’t know who he was, others ran up to have their pictures taken with the rising British actor as he made his escape."
Poor Robert! See the rest of the pics at Gossip Girls.


  1. Not true! He had been at The Albany to watch his friend Bobby Long perform. Friends say he really had a great time listening to Bobby. He was really sweet with fans who were in the audience allowing them to take pictures. C'mon get the facts before posting.

  2. Is it just me or is this photo altered? it looks like he has 6 fingers...

  3. it's just the angle his hand is in you are seeing the inbetween his fingers which makes it look like he has 6 fingers.

    you would be peeved too if after a good time the paps would not leave you alone and you couldn't even sneeze in peace.

    paps rerally peeve me off coz they don't give a damn about any one but themselves

  4. one last comment see this si what peeves me off about Gossip mongers you take pics or stories out of context coz you were not there to experience what you write about in person and then you and sites like yours spread gossip which may or may not actually evenm have an ounce of truth in it


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