February 14, 2009

Robert & Kristen to Make Twilight Promotional Pit Stop in Japan February 27th

Everglow reports that the official Japan Twilight website states Robert and Kristen will make one more stop on February 27 in Tokyo, Japan for a promotional fan event:


日時:2月27日(金) 16:30より開始予定(30分程度)
場所:恵比寿ガーデンプレイス シャトー広場

Hmm...I guess I'll take their word for it! :-)


  1. says something like this (automatic translation...):

    Kristen Stewart, Robert PATINSON, Japan decided ROTONA Taylor! !

    Date: Friday, February 27 will begin from 16:30 (30 minutes)
    Location: Chateau Square Ebisu Garden Place

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