February 3, 2009

Robert & Kristen: Painting a Masterpiece with Cigarette Butts

This review of Twilight Movie by Some Random Guy was quite amusing. While I didn't find Twilight quite as *comical* as this guy did, I do agree with his praise for Kristen & Rob for having made the most of the task at hand:
"I give props to the actors for keeping a straight face while saying the most cheesy and manufactured lines I’ve heard since Cheetos. The female lead actress Kristen Stewart managed to bring life into a fairly flat and static character. Robert Pattinson played the stereotypical vampire, handsome and strong. Pattinson gets the most respect from me for keeping a straight face while saying, “Get away from me, I don’t want to hurt you.”

With such stereotypical roles - vampires and teenagers - I find it unfair to judge the actors on this work. Imagine if you asked Michelangelo to paint a masterpiece with only cigarette butts! Of course the masterpiece would be only black and white. So in reality, we only see what the director wants the actors to portray."
Read the rest of "Twilight, In Retrospect" here.


  1. I read this yesterday, and while part of me wanted to freak out at the author (obviously the Twi-Hard in me), after the second reading it was pretty funny and I had to admit I agreed with some parts of it. I'm glad he appreciated Kristen, she's my fave!

  2. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I love this stuff, it really makes my day! :-D


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