February 8, 2009

R-Patz Swarmed by Ladies Feb 7

Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson gets mobbed by female fans in London on Feb. 7. Rob, 22, visited Groucho nightclub earlier that evening and was hanging out when he was swarmed by fans and paparazzi.

Pattinson, who had attended the Vogue Pre-BAFTA Dinner on Feb. 6, paid a visit to a corner store with actor friend Tom Sturridge, 23, before catching a cab with T4 tv presenter Marquita Oliver.

Rob, who has repeatedly stated that he isn't dating anyone at the moment, says hanging out at British pubs is something he does with friends when he's in his hometown of London.

"There isn’t really like a pub [culture] in L.A.," explains Pattinson. "It’s just a very different culture. I think people from L.A. don’t really understand how it’s such a normal thing to be in pubs from a very young age in London. People just think it’s so strange. Like drinking has such a stigma attached to it here. I have never really understood it. It seems so normal to me."
Read it all over at the Improper.

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