February 5, 2009

Pics I wish I hadn't seen: Part Deux

Last time, I posted a teeny-weeny pic of the ubiquitous teenage modeling photo of R-Patz, just because it was too funny not to. Well here is another teeny pic of a photo that I just couldn't resist looking at, but now really wish I hadn't. Click at your own risk!Are there pics YOU wish you hadn't seen? Send them to me, and I'll make a teeny-pic gallery of regrettable photos. hehe

Image Source: RobertPattinsonOnline


  1. Yeah, ok, that is truly cringe-worthy ... but almost worth it for the little mole smackdab in the middle of his tummy :-)

  2. AAUUUGGGHHH I feel like a Pedofile looking at the pic!!! Not even for the fact for he's topless!!


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