February 6, 2009

Nikki Reed Graces Cover of 944's Young Hollywood Issue + Admits to crush on Pre-Surgery Michael Jackson

Thanks to Nikki Reed Fan, we have amazing scans of the 944 On the Verge: Young Hollywood issue. She gives a quick interview, where she admits to a crush on pre-surgery Michael Jackson, Gregory Peck & Robert Redford. Check out a cool video of the photoshoot here.


  1. omg she's so pretty!! <3

  2. A new movie coming soon called Chain Letter staring Nikki Reed, Keith David, and Brad Dourif. Its about a maniac killer thats after a group of teenage kids after they didnt follow the rules of the chain letter texts that they had recieved.

  3. I'd like to hear more about this "chain letter" movie. She's such an amazing actress and will do well at any role she is put into.


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