February 22, 2009

News of Breaking Dawn Special Edition Gets My Hopes Up for Nothing -- and Reveals My True Feelings About BD

I just saw New Moon Movie's announcement about the July, 2009 release of a Special Edition of Breaking Dawn -- and got excited over nothing.

Somehow, my immediate thought was that Stephenie was releasing a revised version of Breaking Dawn with rewritten scenes (e.g. maybe make up for the anti-climactic fade-to-black honeymoon disappointment?), which made me happy. As I read on, I soon realized that the Special Edition isn't gonna be special in the way I'd assumed. Instead of a sigh-inducing honeymoon scene or other re-writes, we get a full-color poster and some unspecified exclusives.


To Breaking Dawn lovers disappointed by my sentiments -- I *really* wish that I loved BD as much as you do, and I'm heartbroken that I don't! I am a die-hard TwiHard, but like Hitler, I was not completely dazzled by Breaking Dawn.


  1. I know what will make you feel better...Rob in a tux, complete with adorable bow tie and sexy grin at the Oscars. Check out twilightersanonymous.com. Go now, run! ;)

  2. hmm yes i didnt enjoy breaking dawn as much as i did the other books i read a bit on the internet about what happens in the book and i got excited and then i read breaking dawn and i dont like it i dont know why i keep rereading it to try figure out why i hate it so much i cant figure it out. :S

  3. Breaking dawn wuznt that bad!!! It was pretty good but I didn't like the way it ended. I just still cant wrap my head round the fact that Bella got pregnant and had a baby. In my mind I cudnt imagine her doing that. Shez a middle-aged teen remember? I cant imagine a middle-aged teen having a kid. I hated the way it ended!!!!! I cant believe the series is over!!! It was so good, i cant wait for midnight sun. THE ANSWER TO MY PRAYERZZZZ!!!!!!


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