February 28, 2009

New Moon Casting Process is Complete, so where does that leave Solomon Trimble?

Live PR reports that Joseph Middleton, the casting director for New Moon, has announced that the New Moon casting process is finished.

With this news, where does this leave Solomon Trimble? Team Solomon has a slew of recent Solomon interview links up on their website, and encourages everybody who is interested to sign their petition to retain the original Twilight cast -- including Solomon Trimble. In a recent interview with Twilighters Anonymous, Solomon mentioned how touched he is by fan support:
"Are you aware of the countless petitions all over the web to support you and bring you back for New Moon? How do you feel about the dedication that all of your fans display?

Solomon: I’ve just recently become aware of the petitions and feel so supported by the fans. I am deeply moved. It helps me focus in the gym and keeps me motivated to stay on my Quileute studies. They’re awesome."
Read the rest of of TA's interview here.

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  1. We don't know yet - it's driving me crazy!!! We got to talk to him on an online radio interview last night - I'm even more convinced that he's the only person who deserves this role!


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