February 20, 2009

*More* Robert Pattinson Cecconi's Grey Goose Pre-Oscar Party Pics & Details

These new photos from the Gray Goose party seem to correspond with details from (snarky) Lainey Gossip:
"As for Robert Pattinson – he was having dinner with what seemed to be his manager/agent/business person (looked like the dude he was shopping with on Rodeo with the other day) and a group or 4 or 5 others, industry types. He was the youngest at their table. Smoked a lot, wearing a grey t shirt and black pants and no stains, nor was there a hat in sight. Didn’t move around the room too much...

...Finally, I did run into Pattinson at the valet. He’d been texting. At this point he had on a black leather jacket and there was an young aunt-ish (your uncle’s second or third wife) looking lady with her arm looped into his and she was cold so he was like – come inside, warm up, you don’t have to stand out there, and I remember thinking to myself: is that how high his voice is?"
You can read the rest of Lainey's somewhat mean-spirited R-patz comments here. Thanks to Ambrosia Girl Jenn for the tip! Also, see more Robert Pattinson Grey Goose-night photos over at Robert Pattinson Source.

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