February 18, 2009

Maybe Mullets are OK after-all. Or maybe they're only cool on Joan Jett.

I was feeling pretty lousy about my recent haircut, which to my great *chagrin* my husband agrees somehow turned out as a modern-day mullet. However, I just saw these pics of Joan Jett and the new Alice Cullen action figure while surfing for TwiCrack and realized that my hair-do is a cross between the two.

Not that this is necessarily a good thing. I'm still undecided. Like Rob's hair, my hair too shall grow out. Speaking of mullets, here is my favorite one:

Anyhoo, Joan Jett is cool, and apparently she is super-happy that Kristen Stewart is playing Joan's younger self in the upcoming Runaways biopic:
JOAN JETT is thrilled to hear TWILIGHT star KRISTEN STEWART will play her in an upcoming biopic - because she thinks the actress has the "right energy" to play the part. Stewart will play the I Love Rock & Roll hitmaker in new film The Runaways, and the real Jett couldn't be happier.

She says, "When her hair is cut and with the right make-up, Kristen should make a really good me." The odd couple has already had a chance to jam together, and Jett is impressed with the young star's musical skills: "She sounded great and played well. "She has the passion for it, which you can't really be taught."

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  1. That hair cut looks really edgy and high fashion! So be happy - you're in style. :)


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