February 6, 2009

Little Ashes: The Poet & The Painter + Robert Pattinson's GQ Cover (old) News

The Advocate has a great article about Rob's upcoming film, Little Ashes, which will be released on March 27th.
In 1920s Spain, when Lorca was a student in Madrid, the penalty for sodomy was 15 years in custody, and still he published his erotic love poems to the eccentric young painter and fellow student Salvador Dalí. Their affair became legendary, inspiring the new film Little Ashes, flush with dreamy scenes of Lorca (portrayed by the Spanish actor Javier Beltrán) and Dali (played by Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame). In one scene their young bodies swirl together under moonlit water as they share their angelic first kiss. In another, in the midst of an attempt at lovemaking, Dali, on the verge of being penetrated, panics. He abruptly departs for Paris, leaving the devastated Lorca behind: And yet I suffered for you. I gashed -- my veins -- white lilies dueling jaws about your waist.
Read the rest here. As much as I want to see Kristen Stewart's Adventureland, which does battle at the box office on the same day, I think Little Ashes is my first choice!

Also, as we heard a MONTH ago, Rob will be gracing the cover of the April edition of GQ to promote Little Ashes.


  1. i still don't think it is the nest idea for him to do a homosexual movie this soon as his rise to a heartthrob for all us girls..... i just don't like it....

  2. . . . he did it before he was cast in twilight.

  3. I think its a wonderful idea maybe all these little kids will jump off of him and realize he is an artist not a god... its a wonderful movie and i think it well deserves awards unlike the twilight movie that recieved so many for reasons untrue... now dont get me wrong, twilight was a good movie, it just didnt deserve all those awards. Robert isnt a child star he is an actor and in Little Ashes, and artist

  4. I agree, I did not like this homosexual role for him.

  5. I haven't watched this movie and I don't want to because men with anglo saxon can't act like men of iberian, I know it because I am of iberian, I am brazilian, many of my relatives (they're died actually) are from Portugal and Spain and I know how that people behave to.

    Like Anthony Hopkins like Pablo Picasso is a very good example! I didn't like Hopkins acting like Picasso, was fake!!

    And about Robert Pattinson acting like Salvador Dalí, I think is a very effeminate character and Salvador Dali was not only like that because he was an artist, he's image that we have from him is a myth, I think he enjoyed very much to be a myth.

    I believe that's not the point in this movie, "it shows the man", but this man never existed, that's not Salvador Dalí at all. The real Salvador Dalí only lived on his mind.

    I love his paintings, his sculptures, his work in general is absolutely wonderful. I never wanted to know the real man Salvador Dalí, I love the myth that I created on my mind from what he turned out to be.


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