February 20, 2009

Letters to Rob: Poem from KStew to her Weed

Alright. Somebody is gonna hate me for bringing Kristen's November pipe dream up again, but this recent winning Letters to Rob Twi-alentine's poem by Paige and Christina is hilarious!
Poem from KStew to her Weed
Roses are red,
you are my green.
When I don’t smoke you,
I get bitchy and mean.

In the morning,
when I wake.
I fill my bowl,
and a hit I take.
Oregano and I sit,
on the steps outside.
We smoke until,
we are flying high.

I love you like,
girls love RPattz.
And even a little more,
than my own cats.

People tell me that,
I really should stop.
When they say this,
I tell them to stfu !
P.S. Don't get me wrong, I love KStew and think she is amazingly talented! But chica, what are you doing smoking up on your front steps? ;-)


  1. Seriously!?! That poem is hilarious... but KS need to take some advice from a PR person and not do that on her front steps..... poor girl ;)

  2. Are you from ontd_twatlight? lol. I figure because you're calling Michael "Oregano".

  3. who cares? gosh, so she smokes pot who doesn't her age? at least he isn't out doing cocaine, goddamn, im 19 and i do weed, does that make me less efficient to society? I'm a valedictorian and i do what she does everyday! give a rest people!

  4. so she smokes.. get over it!!!

  5. What is wrong with her smoking pot, I'm 15 and i have been smoking pot for a year now. God, who doesn't do it!!!
    Get off her back, an leave her alone!!!

  6. i hated her
    but now that she smoked weed on her front porch
    i fucking love it
    i want to smoke on her porch with her

  7. this girl always looks stonedd !
    hahah, i love itt :]

  8. I agree with most ppl on here. Who doesn't smoke weed. I do. Its not really a fuckin drug...I'm 19 and have been smoking for a while and I can still function...Get off her fucking back!

  9. Whoever wtote this needs to go smoke out and see if they don't feel the same way about weed.

  10. hey i am 14 years old and i have smoked weed 3 times and to tell you the truth i think its awesome and ppl get off her fuckin back about this!!!

  11. okay dude, seriously this is bull shit. She smokes, and to be honest who the fuck does it. Im 15 and i've been smoking for 3 years now. I honestly love it, and what's funny is im writing this high. I love you girl(: <3 your fucking smoke on please god damn it girl you fucking need it for how stressful your life must be. Let's smoke a bowl together shall we hahaha. got a problem with this?than you can hit me up on aim
    screenanme: bamxitszashley

  12. She smokes bud!? :O

    That is soooo awesome!


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