February 8, 2009

Kristen Stewart's K-11 Movie Hits Curveball; Production Pushed Out Until September

Movieweb.com has an exclusive interview with Jason Mewes, one of Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed's co-stars in the upcoming K-11 -- and one of my favorite characters from Clerks, Jay!
So is there anything else that you're developing right now then?

Jason Mewes: Yeah, there are a couple of things that we're trying to get going. There's a movie called K-11 that was moving along and one little curveball, and it got pushed, so hopefully we're going to be doing that in September. That one I'm really stoked about because I'll be producing it and also acting in it. I'll be the main character and I'm playing a way different character than the Jay character. I'll be working with Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed from Twilight. So they'll be the other two leads and it's called K-11, so I'm hoping. It's in motion now and I'm hoping it's going to pan out for September. We were supposed to start at the end of January and then, like I said, one little thing happened and sort of put it on hold. We had only a certain amount of time and her window closed because she (Kristen Stewart) has to do New Moon and then she's doing The Runaways, playing Joan Jett. So there's that and there's another movie that my buddies and I are trying to get going, that my buddy Billy McAdams wrote. Hopefully maybe if that goes as planned, maybe we'll do that during Christmas time, because it's a Christmas movie. There have been a few things that are in the works and hopefully they all pan out. Like I said, with this K-11 movie, everything was moving. We had a casting director, we were scouting locations and one little curveball and it sort of put it on hold. You never know."
As Nikki Reed dished to MTV, K-11 is about a little-known section of the men’s county jail. The movie will be directed by Jules Stewart, K-stew's mom, and both Kristen & Nikki will be playing guys (??).

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