February 26, 2009

I Go to Forks High: New Hot Topic Twilight Gear Keeps Cranking Out

Hot Topic has some new stuff, including this cool (and subtle) Forks High T-shirt for closeted Twilight Fans like me.


  1. FINALLY something I can wear and be slightly incognito! Wearing something with a character's face plastered across the front isn't as cool when you're over 13...like twice that age actually...

  2. FINALLY. I agree with Allison...we need more of this incognito T-shirts and stuff...Last time I had someone's face plastered over my shirt was in my NKOTB period (yes I am that old!) and I don't think my hubby would approve of going to bed with Edward's face no matter how dazzling his eyes are to me :)))
    Cheeky J, keep doing good blogs...I look forward to reading more and more...

  3. Are you KIDDING me- you're a CLOSET Twilighter? Girl, you've got the best blog going; I'm shocked!

    You should come join our Facebook group- dishing with those girls is what spurred me to start a blog.. it's nice to have an outlet with fellow Twilighters!

    It's Twilight Moms (there are a couple of them there...) don't know if this link will go through, but come join us!


  4. boo_bunnies...nobody in the real world knows that i have this blog or this twicrack addiction. hehe.


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