February 7, 2009

Furry Muppet Wombs, etc.: New Moon Movie's Commentary on Bella's Felt Womb

New Moon Movie was among the first to post the news of a hardcore Twilight fan's (creepy) felt-inspired ode to Bella's womb, and they've followed up with an article about the Best Comments they received on their story. *Yours truly made the cut!*To the TwiHard who made the furry womb: Why, oh why?


  1. wow....that's a little too obsessed. I think rehab is officially needed for this twicrack addict.

  2. That is seriously, seriously creepy looking. Wow...I'm just speechless.

  3. Um...that's just...disturbing...sickening...um...WOW...erm... okay, so words don't describe...it's creepiness. But, that...thing...does take away my lunch!


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