February 19, 2009

Five Reasons Deadbolt Thinks New Moon Could be Better Than Twilight

Deadbolt has an article on 5 reasons why they think New Moon could be better than Twilight, which I've excerpted here:

New characters, new conflict:

The benefit that most sequels have is that the main characters and their relationships have already been established. In the case of New Moon, fans should feel more of what they felt from the books now that Twilight is out of the way and the story can unfold. Much like a second book in a trilogy, New Moon will cut to the chase in a way fans can already identify with via new character dynamics while delving deeper into the complexities of love.

Starlet in Shadows: Dakota Fanning?

Although many fans have questioned whether Fanning for role of Jane is the right choice, Dakota brings to the table a masterful range of emotion and a wealth of A-list experience. But will her star power overwhelm her co-stars? What we do know is that she can act and the addition of Dakota Fanning could only raise the acting game of the entire cast to make them better. How well fans receive Fanning as Jane may be a different story.

Digging deeper in the name of love:

The success of New Moon over Twilight lies in the ability of actors to inhabit their characters on a deeper level. What Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson bring to Bella and Edward for New Moon will require more than just reading lines from a page. Twilight showed us the magic of an inevitable love story and New Moon will continue the saga in a richer manner. It’s the love story that will force Pattinson and Stewart to go deeper inside themselves as actors than they did in Twilight. Usually when people reach deep and go beyond their comfort zone, good things happen. In this case, it will all be in the name of love.

Setting the new mood:

Although Twilight was filmed in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, mainly in Washington St. and Oregon, heading north to Vancouver, British Columbia can only benefit in a couple of ways. First, Vancouver is perfect for the tone and atmosphere of New Moon since it rains so much Robert Pattinson will feel at home among “Vampouverites.” Second, with the slumping economy director Chris Weitz and crew will get more mileage out of the American dollar in exchange, which should afford the production a few more tricks and effects that Twilight wasn’t able to incorporate purely for financial reasons.

The Quileute Tribe and the Legend:

With the arrival of the Cullens, legend and lore allow fans to journey deeper into the mythology and intricacies of New Moon’s opposing forces. In other words, with such a profound back-story between werewolves and vampires, New Moon will explore more while connecting on a deeper level to Bella. In many ways and aspects surrounding the Quileute Tribe and the legend, New Moon should tap into the book on better levels than that of Twilight. The legend and the expanded significance of Jacob will take fans on a darker journey while evoking more complex emotions than Twilight.

Read the entire article in its entirety here.

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