February 13, 2009

Emmett's Curly Hair Revealed: Kellan Lutz's 2004 Abercrombie Ads

Before he was Emmett, Kellan was an Abercrombie model. See more of Kellan's photos at Abercrombie Models.


  1. I love the one of him on IMDb with all the curls. I was so sad they didn't grow out in time for him to have them in Twilight. Especially since book Emmett has curls.

  2. I know! I wish he had the Emmett curls too. :)

  3. I think he looks really good with the curls, but, he also looks great when he had the straight, sort of spiky hair. All in all, he's drop dead gorgeous. He'd still be hot if he was bald!!!

  4. He modeled with Katie Cassidy who's in the new
    remake of Nightmare On Elm Street with him,
    that's so cool. I think he should dump
    Annalynne slut McCord and date Katie.
    They'd much such a better loooking couple.
    Their both stunning, while Annalynne looks like
    a ugly troll.

  5. I agree I think Katie and Kellan would be perfect. As for the hair...he could wear it any way and I would still go crazy for him. He is drop dead sexy! And don't you forget it!!!!

  6. you guys are seriously sad

  7. Kellan Lutz looks hot in anything!!!! :)


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