February 23, 2009

Edward Cullen Continues to Ruin Normal Guys For Women

I just discovered this site called Fmylife.com, which contains everyday anecdotes posted by users like you and me. Fmylife is a place where you can vent and unwind by sharing a sh**ty moment that ruined your day with the following rules: You must tell your story in one sentence, and these short stories must begin with "Today" and end with "FML".

Well, today I saw a post from a guy who got *dumped* because he wasn't enough like Edward Cullen:

"Today, my girlfriend dumped me proclaiming she wanted someone more like her "Edward". I asked her who Edward was. She held up a copy her "Twilight" book. She was talking about a fictional vampire. FML"

If it's true, I'm truly sorry, dude! However, Edward is a tough act to follow.

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  1. He doesnt exist. And twilight sucks.


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