February 28, 2009

Drunk-Blogging About Volterra: My Next Vacation Destination (I wish...)

The Volturi Town Blog has a new article about the Three Etruscan Heads. Since the article is in Italian and I studied French in high school, I have no clue what it says, but it looks bee-yoo-tiful and I wanna go.

Happy Saturday, everybody! I am sitting here enjoying Tabla's Tart n' Fruity Sangria (my *favorite* sangria recipe -- TRY IT (only if you're 21+), it's amazing, I promise!), prepping for a dinner party and drunk-blogging. :-) Well, just tipsy.

P.S. Thanks Volturi Blog for letting us know about this! I hope that your petition to have New Moon filmed in your lovely city works out.

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  1. Hey, here's the translation for the Volturi Town Blog Post


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