February 18, 2009

Do I Dazzle You? Nominate TwiCrack for Best Twilight Blog.

To my eight or so devoted blog readers:

For sh*ts & giggles, I'm gonna enter a big ol' race that I really can't win. If you like my site, or are just bored, please nominate me for the 2009 Dazzle Award's Best Twilight Blog, which is open to peeps (particularly individuals) with a Twilight-themed blog.

You can email your nomination indicating the award category & website address to dazzleawards@yahoo.com, or fill out a quick form here.

Thanks for reading my silly blog!

TwiCrack Addict :-)


  1. Don't forget you also have a Twitter feed! ;)

  2. I nominated you! You put my site to shame sometimes. =)


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