February 13, 2009

Floriane's Cute Robert Pattinson Fan Encounter Pics from Paris (+ Michael Angarano too): Love the goofy faces!

Floriane, a French fan, posted pics and a write-up (en francais) of her Robert Pattinson encounter on her blog, howtobe-france.blogspot.com. Lucky duck! Thanks to Portal Twilight for the tip!

She also snagged pics with Michael Angarano, Kristen Stewart's boyfriend, during the Twilight Paris promo trip.

EDIT: Wow! I can't believe that Floriane reads my blog and left me a nice comment. Merci Beaucoup, Floriane! J'aime bien votre blog! (My French language skills are lacking -- sorry!)


  1. hey ! My name isn't floriane but floriane !
    thanks for the article ! it's incredible to see my face on a lot of website !

    xoxo Flow pattz

  2. hey thanks for the article ! it's incredible to see my face on your blog thanks a lot !

    by the way my name is floriane with an e and not florian ! ^^


  3. ! :) Thanks a lot for the message it's an honor to be on your blog ! I read it everyday !
    I've my personal blog
    http://littleviet.skyblog.com my blog for howtobe is almost dead my bad...

    But the way I hope we'll keep in touch don't hesitat to contact me :)


    oh and thanks to add an e to my name :D


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