February 24, 2009

Bronson Pelletier (Who?) Cast in New Moon: *Finally* -- Real TwiCrack!

Bronson Pelletier's casting agency has congratulated him on winning a *LEAD* role in New Moon. Now we'll just have to wait to find out which one!

Learn more about Bronson over at Twilight Lexicon.

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  1. [ Congratulations to BRONSON who scores a lead role in the highly anticipated "Twilight" feature film sequel "New Moon". It's rumored he will be co-staring with Dakota Fanning. ]

    Thats what it says on a website, so who is he alec? I thought he was supossed to be a 'native american' When I look at him, I think Embry. lol :)

    check out the website @ http://carriertalent.com/spotlight.php


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