February 5, 2009

Black Hoodie Love Continues: Kristen Stewart's $748 Juicy Couture Leather Hoodie Jacket

Thanks to stealthestyle.com, you can dress like Kristen Stewart did while promoting Adventureland recently in her Juicy Couture Shrunken Leather Hoodie Jacket. Twilight stars sure seem to love their black hoodies.

Sigh. If only I had an extra $748 to blow on a jacket. I'm gonna need to save up my money to buy all of the new Twilight products that continue to be pimped out. Check out the latest Twilight Movie soundtrack pimp-out news over at New Moon Movie.

Cute kitty image found here.


  1. you can get leather jackets at a fraction of the price from Viparo Clothing (www.viparo.com.au)
    They are now selling the Kristen Stewart leather hooded jacket with blue ribs.


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