February 19, 2009

Bearded Robert Pattinson Hanging Out at Grey Goose Pre-Oscar Party

New pic of Robert allegedly at a Grey Goose pre-Oscar party. I wonder if he's going to shave his beard for the Oscars.

P.S. I have long suspected that in addition to being forced to fix his teeth for Twilight, R-patz was asked to wax his eyebrows for Twilight. Heh.

Source: Robert Pattinson Online


  1. too much grey goose robbie? oh to have a GG dirty martini with robbie! and smoke.. in bed..

  2. Poor boy needs some sleep! Give him a day or two in bed, alone, so he can rest!

  3. I thought I saw an interview where he only pretended to fix his teeth LOL and that he took the brace off after 15 minutes! tee hee


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