February 28, 2009

Another Potential Hat in the Ring: Paul Weitz May Direct Eclipse?

Acting411 has an Eclipse audition update that says that Paul Weitz will be directing Eclipse.
There have been rumors circulating that Drew Barrymore will be directing the third installment of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series. These rumors are false. Due to the New Moon post-production schedule for director Chris Weitz, his brother and co-owner of "Depth of Field Productions" - Paul Weitz - will be directing Eclipse.
Note: This is an *unconfirmed* rumor. As with all rumors, let's wait and see what actually happens.

Coincidentally, Film.com suggested Paul Weitz as a possibility for Eclipse director in their New Moon Rumor Roundup:
Rumor: Chris Weitz has already been fired from Eclipse.

Verdict: I know it sounds harsh, but it’s pretty much true. In order to hit that June 30, 2010, release date, Eclipse will have to begin shooting while New Moon is still in post-production. Weitz can’t be in two places at once; therefore, a new director will need to be hired to helm Eclipse. It seems to me that Summit is taking a big risk here. What if the fans love what Weitz does with New Moon and become angry that he was never given the chance to return for Eclipse? (Easy solution: Summit can keep things in the family by hiring Chris’ brother/frequent collaborator, Paul Weitz, to direct Eclipse!)
Thanks to Cullen Boys Anonymous for the Acting411 tip!

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