January 26, 2009

The Wondrousness that is Jacob Black: Good time to re-visit Stephenie's thoughts on New Moon

While surfing around for Monday-morning TwiCrack, which is seriously lacking, I came across a forum discussion that inspired me to revisit Stephenie Meyer's official site, and some of her thoughts on New Moon. Here is an excerpt of what she has to say:

"When the advanced reading copies began to fall into the hands of my fans, I asked people [to] read New Moon twice, promising that I would explain why later. It's later, and this is why: the first time through New Moon, I've found that readers are so anxious about the absence of Edward that they can't settle into the middle portion of the book. They skim and speed read and flip ahead until, at last, they find him again. However, at that point they've missed the main section of the novel almost completely. On a second reading, knowing that Edward will return to the story at the proper place and time, the reader can slow down and enjoy the wondrousness that is Jacob Black."Ahh...guilty as charged! I think I'm one of those Team Edward readers to whom the middle part of New Moon was just a blur! Time for me to re-vamp New Moon, and discover Jacob's wondrousness.

If you haven't done so recently, it's a good time to revisit Stephenie's site and her thoughts on New Moon here. She includes a ton of extras, including International book covers (Japanese cover & illustrations are featured on this post) what Rosalie said to Edward on that fateful phone call, and other outtakes.

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  1. I did the opposite. I relished and have re-read all the Jacob moments.


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