January 19, 2009

Where in the world is Robert Pattinson? Apparently, hanging out at Pubs in London

After the International Hunky Vampire alert went out and people speculated about where Robert Pattinson has been hiding, one lucky fan had an actual sighting of him in London. Check out the original over at Perez Hilton! And doesn't Rob looked *thrilled* to have been found in this photo?


  1. PHEW.. b/c seriously i was about to swim over to London to put out a " bolo" on him


  2. This makes me sick! Why can't yall leave ROb alone he needs some time to himself this fan was a cut throat b... to sell his pic to tabloid you are really not going to like him very well if this continues he is such a nice guy but he has had it with people and the pics and the autographs please let me be Rob till New Moon starts shooting Becca-Germany

  3. Just leave him alone in peace


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