January 23, 2009

Vintage Robert Pattinson as a Teenage Model: I sort of wish I hadn't seen this

Usually, I just try to post pretty, fun Twilight stuff that suits my fancy as a TwiCrack Addict. I can't bear to post this photo, but it's too funny not to! Consequently, I'm making it super-tiny on purpose, but if you click on it, you'll get a bigger shot!

To make up for that old-school R-Patz image that is now burned into the back of your brain, I offer you this:


  1. Hah cute! Your post are great! I read your blog EVERYDAY :] Thanks for being a Twilight Addict haha ! :]

  2. I love your blog to!

    Aww. I was so disapointed I saw this, and it was a really large pic to.. thanks for makeing it tiny!

  3. GOD that was painful...but I couldn't not look at it. Thank god for your smartly placed Edward Palate Cleanser after that! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for feeding my TwiCrackitude! - KD

  4. You're hilarious! There's no way I could resist either posting that. It's like a freaky AF add. Thank God he grew into his head!! And no doubt as Edward, he's perfect;)

  5. me, too. i looove your blog! i even bookmarked it in my celfone! hehehehe..i wish i could add ur feeds to my phone! LoL


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