January 23, 2009

Ugly Betty Somebody named America auditioned for role of Emily! But not the one you think.

According to Celebuzz, America Ferrara has auditioned for the role of Emily, fiancée to Sam Uley and second cousin to Leah Clearwater.

"I got to audition for New Moon today! For the role of Emily," Crazy Days and Nights quotes the outspoken actress and snappy dresser as saying. "The casting director, you fans of the book will be glad to know, has read the books and loves them. And you can tell. His direction was spot on for the character. I loved the books. I would so love to be in the movie!!!"

HOWEVER, New Moon Movie reports that the America in question may be a different actress named America Young. Hmm...well you can figure out the puzzle for yourself over at Crazy Days and Nights, the blog that first broke this news. (Note: This is also the blog that was the source of that potentially bogus Robert & Nikki are dating Blind Item, so take this info with a grain of salt!)

I'm confused. This is what I get for getting excited over nothing.


  1. Is she Native American? Because on the audition blog, it specifically stated they were seeking Native American talents.... so if she isn't...that's bogus...

  2. I am not sure. I have no idea who America Young, the woman who actually auditioned for Emily, is...Celebuzz got it wrong.

  3. I totally made the same mistake at first too!

    Check the tags in the Crazy Days & Night story--I think it's America Young. Plus I doubt America Ferrara was doing stunts involving fire, and America Young has previous stunt work on her IMDB page.

  4. I heard that Ugly Betty girl wanted the role of Emily, she was aying it to all the magazines that I read.

    And I just saw the other girl in something, can't remeber what.

    Interesting stuff huh?


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