January 11, 2009

Totally Off Topic: Scientific evidence suggests that Dracula was a Chick

Alright, so this is veering off true Twilight topics, but we're all fans of Vampires now, right? The Smithsonian Channel has been showing a special called 'Vampire Princess', which delves into how the inspiration for Dracula may have been a woman. Well, this freaks me out; as much as I love the Cullens, I'd rather believe that vampires are make-believe.

While Dracula is the name most people associate with vampires, a graveyard in the Czech Republic has revealed that it may have been a Princess, not a count, who was the inspiration for that dark tale.

Princess Eleonore von Schwarzenberg died in 1741, wasted and pale – villagers said she suffered from "vampire illness." Superstition, panic and dreadful rituals pervaded the countryside.

Now archaeologists have located the unholy grave of the princess where extensive precautions were taken to keep her from rising from the dead. Follow them as they examine the grave for the first time and document her bizarre lifestyle.

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