January 10, 2009

Taylor Lautner is Hungry Like A Wolf + 20 pounds heavier

Check out these new photos of Taylor Lautner at the Kari Feinstein Golden Globe Style Lounge at Zune LA in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon over at Just Jared Jr.!

My Hungry Like a Wolf homage to Duran Duran may have been lost on many of you Millenials. Yes, I'm totally dating myself, but for old times sake and because it's my 29th birthday for the fourth time in a row (you do the math), I'm spicing up my blog with a little Simon Le Bon (Who? I know. I'm a geezer.).


  1. I'm partial to the song "Rio," personally, but whoa Movie-Jacob is really beginning to fill out! Take that, Michael Copon!

  2. Hi Ana Cristina! heh. Thanks for your comment. Yeah, Jacob is getting bigger and bigger. Still Team Edward though! :)


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