January 23, 2009

Summit continues to Pimp out Twilight Craze: Blu-Ray Discs to be offered exclusively at Best Buy and Target in artificially limited quantities

According to Video Business, Summit is planning to curb the availability of the Twilight Blu-Ray Disc by making it available ONLY at Tar-zhay and Best Buy on March 21st; all other suckers retailers will have to wait until May 5th.

"The studio continues to build a unique launch strategy for the film that involves limiting the availability of certain SKUs. Retail access to a single-disc standard-defintion version of Twilight will be restricted to rental stores and a very limited sell-through account base, which Summit has declined to detail."

"The studio declined to give the exact reason for curbing the initial availability of Twilight on Blu-ray. Nearly all major theatrical hits now launch widely on both standard-definition DVD and Blu-ray on the same date."

You can read the rest of the article here. Artificially limiting the availability of product SKUs is something that Nintendo has successfully done in the past to inflate demand for their products. While I completely understand why Summit is taking full-advantage of this lucrative opportunity to milk Twilight fans' insatiable appetite for all things Twilight, it's totally annoying and greedy. Just sayin'!

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