January 29, 2009

Status Check: To our *chagrin*, still no Midnight Sun

Gatecrasher has an update on the status of Midnight Sun, and to the *chagrin* of many of us readers, Midnight Sun is still on hold right now. However, we can anxiously anticipate Stephenie's next non-Twilight-related book.
“Nothing’s changed,” a rep for the author confirms to us. “Stephenie has no plans to move forward with ‘Midnight Sun’ at this time.”

But Meyer fanatics can anticipate an upcoming novel. “Stephenie is working on something else at the moment,” the flack reveals. “But she hasn’t announced it yet. It isn’t ‘Twilight’-related. When she’s ready to reveal it, she will. This has been an intense three years for her, and currently she’s just focusing on being a writer.”

As for how Meyer plans to protect her works in the future, her spokesperson says, “She’ll just have to be very selective about where she sends her manuscripts.”
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I have never in my adult-life had the impulse to write a fan-letter to ANYBODY, but when I heard that MS was on ice, I sent a letter of support & encouragement to Stephenie Meyer too. I hope that she feels excited to finish it one day!


  1. I can't wait to read her next book, no matter what it's about!

  2. I hope she some day does Midnight Sun, I really enjoyed reading the chapters avaible from her site.
    Thanks SO much for following me!!

  3. i have never ever been so obsessed with a book as i was with the twi saga and when i read midnight sun, i was soooooo upset that she didn't finish it, it is a teaser! she needs to get over it and just give her fans what they want. you got robbed, then you fixed it, u gave us a taste, now get over it!


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