January 13, 2009

"Spot the Cullen Crest" Drinking Game (a.k.a. Another excuse to see Twilight again)

While it's not new News, some of you late-coming TwiCrack addicts may have missed MTV's unveiling and explanation of the Cullen Crest, which each member of the Cullen family was wearing somehow in the movie. Did you notice? If not, you have yet another excuse to see Twilight again and play "Spot the Cullen Crest"!

“This is something that’s not in the book; it’s a little detail in the movie that you are going to glimpse at,” explained Peter Facinelli, showing us Carlisle’s finger jewelry. “It’s a family crest - the Cullen family crest - and each one of us carry it. Mine is in the form of a ring, some of the kids have it on as a bracelet, some have a pendant. Each one of us carries the family Cullen crest.”

So, next time you get together with a bunch of your friends, you can play "Spot the Cullen Crest" Drinking Game, and take a sip of beer (Note: ONLY if you're 21+; if not, substitute with soda, Red Bull, or other goofy move!) every time you see the Cullen Crest. Is it possible that Edward will look even SWOONIER when you're wearing beer goggles? Let me know.

Check out the full Cullen Crest story over at MTV, or over at Boxwish, which also revisits the story and tells us a bit about Artisan Designs, which created the crest.

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