January 26, 2009

Робэрт Паттинсон = Robert Pattinson?

One of the happiest surprises about blogging has been hearing from TwiCrack Addicts from all over the world. Mongol Twilighters is a cute site, and while I can't understand what the blog says, some images like the one posted here transcend language barriers! Thanks, Sara H!

What do you think of this faux-sporty look on a 17 year old R-patz? heh.


  1. dude is rocking the wrist band like whoa

  2. I think the people copying your blog, are really silly... I hate it!
    Your blog is the best twilight blog I read, and I always, when ever I hop on the computer, check my dashboard at blogger and see if you have posted anything new. You always have!
    I.e. I digg your blog!

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  4. Робэрт Паттинсон = Robert Pattinson?
    yeah, it's the same. and tnx 4 being so cool :)


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